SCHULTE Lagertechnik at LogiMAT 2016


SCHULTE Lagertechnik showed itself once more innovative and solution-oriented

The LogiMAT again this year was a complete success for SCHULTE Lagertechnik. With the philosophy "better. logical. storage" the company presented its comprehensive range of products at the trade fair with which the diverse requirements of storage can be fulfilled.

The focus of visitor interest was, for example, the new fire protection shelf SPRINKLERplus. With a share of 50% open area (hole amount) of the total area this shelf corresponds to the Vds directive CEA4001. In addition to the requirements for water permeability in case of fire, the SPRINKLERplus fire protection shelf ensures high light transmittance and contributes to higher luminous efficiency in complex shelving systems. Moreover, the high air permeability ensures good circulation of air in the warehouse. And last but not least, positive for the SPRINKLERplus is its shelf load of up to 150 kg.

Continuing the tour of the SCHULTE Lagertechnik booth the attention of the trade visitor is immediately drawn to shelf MULTIplus, which offers the user a 20% increase in storage capacity. A very important aspect in terms of the efficiency and economy of warehouse operation.

Whoever was looking for storage for heavy pallets during their visit of the booth found this with the expert presentation from SCHULTE Lagertechnik consisting of an innovative range of products with extensive accessories for the application of standard up to complex industrial and commercial applications.

Apart from the timely appearance of the new main catalog 2016/2017, the company from the Sauerland region presented another highlight with the digital SCHULTE world. On a digital panel the booth visitor could take a virtual guide through the company, its product range, references or manoeuvre through activities of the SCHULTE Academy.

All in all, after visiting the SCHULTE Lagertechnik booth, the trade visitor experienced the high expertise of the company for solving varied and complex challenges for almost all sectors and requirements.