Prize-winning Brand with honest Values

In practice, the values help us to actually live our promise. After all, paper is patient and it is easy to say you want to do everything cleverly. But how are we going to do that? Here our values help pragmatically, intelligently, loyally with the corresponding assigned character traits.

A pragmatic company

Dynamic, energetic, fast, efficient, unconventional. And thus uncomplicated for our customers. Simple ordering, fast delivery, above-average service and after-sales support – all from a single source. Where challenges arise, we develop solutions together. With our down-to-earth attitude in the Sauerland region, we make it easier for our customers and ultimately also for us to set up warehouses cleverly.

With intelligent solutions

Digital, future-oriented, forward-looking, individual, imaginative. And thus future-proof for our customers. Admittedly, at this point we are reaching a little ahead. But a brand is also there to create incentives and set development goals. This means concretely: The world is becoming more digital. Industry 4.0 also moves into the warehouse and becomes Intralogistics 4.0 In addition, more and more business is relocating to the online area, which also means more E-commerce warehouses are needed.

We must react to this development. That is why we have aligned the brand with the value of Intelligence for progress. Because to make a warehouse smart today and in the future, you also need intelligent, digital solutions. So far we have come from the shelf and metal sector. In the future we will continue to think and develop in order to make warehouses faster and more efficient with new SCHULTE products and solutions. To this end, we will invest more in research and development. A brand is also a strategy. And it's clever to make customer projects unique through individual future solutions. That's what we want, that's what we'll do.

Loyal people and doers

In partnership, with each other, customer- oriented, team-oriented, honest.

And thus reliable for our customers. Specifically: We keep promises. Towards customers and also towards our colleagues. Our word is our bond. This naturally also applies to the brand promise we all make. The reliability and commitment that we put into practice is the basis for trust and sustainable, long-term, ultimately profitable partnerships.

Creative Engineering

Creative Engineering is used in SCHULTE communication as a signet comparable to the IF-Award- Signet. Sense and purpose: Target groups should be able to see at a glance that SCHULTE supplies much more than just shelves. Creative Engineering is reminiscent of German Engineering. Thinking through storage processes and designing solutions distinguishes SCHULTE from pure product suppliers.

Recognisable at a glance: SCHULTE offers engineering and thus significantly more performance and benefits.

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