Our product portfolio at a glance

Plug-in system

Plug-in shelving is ideally suited for placing and removing items by hand. > more

Bolted system

Bolted shelving for single-storey racks as an affordable alternative to a plug-in system. > more

Office shelving

Office shelving from SCHULTE Lagertechnik provides space for 192 folders on each bay. > more

Wide-span shelving

Wide-span shelving from SCHULTE Lagertechnik provides a home for bulky and heavy items. > more

Pallet racking

Our pallet racking enables pallets containing heavy items to be stored either horizontally or vertically. > more

Cantilever racking

Cantilever racking from SCHULTE Lagertechnik is the ideal choice for storing long items. > more

Shelving systems and mezzanines

Shelving systems and mezzanines create space in rooms. > more