Bolted shelving, double-sided use
Bolted shelving using SCHULTE's bolted system: robust, versatile, affordable

Our bolted shelving is a real storage-technology classic and a low-cost alternative to the SCHULTE plug-in system. To assemble the double-sided bolted shelving, angle profiles and shelves are bolted together. The system perforation in the MULTIplus150 and MULTIplus250 versions allows for flexible design with a whole host of accessories.

  • Assembled by bolting the angle profiles and shelves together
  • All shelves can be used from both sides
  • MULTIplus system perforation for extensive accessories
  • Placing and removing items by hand
  • Height of shelves can be adjusted in increments of 25 mm
  • MULTIplus shelves with edge heights of 25 and 40 mm
  • Individual adaptation to spatial conditions thanks to variable widths and depths
  • Surfaces either galvanised or light grey
  • Bracing with corner angle
  • Cost saving: the affordable system for single-storey racks
  • Highly flexible and easy to change accessories thanks to MULTIplus system perforation
  • Best-possible use of the storage space with 25 mm height increments and variable edge heights for 25 and 40 mm MULTIplus shelves
  • Can be perfectly adjusted to the storage space available thanks to variable widths and depths
  • Optimum adaptation to the stocked items thanks to variable shelf loads of 70, 150 or 250 kg (BASIC70 and MULTIplus shelves)
  • Overloading prevented thanks to clear load engraving on the MULTIplus shelves