Individual cantilever racking from SCHULTE Lagertechnik:
strong, versatile, flexible

Cantilever racking from SCHULTE Lagertechnik is ideal for storing long items such as pipes, bars or panels. The columns and profiles of our cantilever racking are made up of exceptionally strong, hot-rolled IPE profiles. The racks can be supplied in any length for either single or double-sided use. Cantilever racking from the K 3000 and K 6000 series is also individually adapted to your items and storage space.

Cantilever arm and column profiles suitable for all storage requirements

A cantilever rack is individually customised to the items. Select between 3 different systems, which differ in terms of load capacity. The cantilever arms are already welded onto the column profiles in the K 1000 system, ensuring uncomplicated and fast assembly. You can select thecantilever arms as well as the column profiles for the K 3000 and the K 6000 and can therefore optimally customise them to your stock items and the available space. The height of the cantilever arms can be individually adjusted, so that the cantilever racks can also be adapted to suit your items at a later point in time.


  • Ideal for long, heavy and bulky items
  • Flexible loading and rack formation
  • Custom production for an extremely wide range of warehouse materials and requirements

Product features

  • Placing and removing items using storage and retrieval systems and industrial trucks
  • Single or double-sided use
  • Exceptionally strong columns and profiles made from hot-rolled IPE profiles
  • Each arm is able to withstand between 200 kg (K 1000) and 3900 kg (K 6000)
  • Racks available in any length
  • Available as complete set (K 1000) custom-produced (K 3000 and K 6000)

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