Pallet racking
Pallet racking – perfect for heavyweights

Pallet racking from SCHULTE Lagertechnik is the optimum solution for storing heavy items. The sturdy upright profiles of our pallet racking allow for shelf loads of 4770 kg and bay loads of up to 30 t, and are delivered in one piece up to 12 m in height. In the pallet racking, pallets can be stored either horizontally or vertically. This enables you to use the available storage space effectively and adapt the shelving system precisely to your requirements.

  • Placing and removing items using storage and retrieval systems and industrial trucks
  • High shelf loads up to 4770 kg and bay loads up to 30 t as standard
  • Single-piece upright profiles up to 12 m in height
  • Height of beams can be adjusted in increments of 50 mm
  • Structural analysis in accordance with EN 15512
  • Exceptionally stable thanks to truss bracing in the frame
  • High longitudinal and torsional rigidity thanks to cold-formed box profiles with welded-on agraffes
  • Also for setting up drive-through, drive-in and first-in first-out systems
  • System accessories for optimum storage of flat pallets, pallet cages and other loading aids
  • Safe storage of heavy loads
  • Easy to erect by simply hooking in the beams
  • Maximum storage capacity thanks to high load capacity of the pallet racking
  • Long-term planning security thanks to optional standard uprights
  • Highly flexible as various intermediate upright heights and intermediate beam lengths can be supplied