A-frame racking
A-frame racking for vertical storage of long items

With A-frame racking from SCHULTE Lagertechnik, you can store an extremely wide range of long items such as roof battens, pipes or beams vertically. The ergonomic and organised storage of long items in A-frame racking is ideal for self-service warehouses.

Product features


  • For the vertical storage of light and heavy long items, e.g. roof battens, pipelines, rails, beams, etc.
  • Inclined at 10°
  • Lateral load supported: max. 25 kg
  • Vertical load: max. 1135 kg per bay
  • Divider arms are to be ordered separately for each racking unit
  • Uprights pre-assembled
  • Uprights blue, beams orange, bracing galvanised, divider arms blue


Your benefits


  • Organised storage of an extremely wide range of long items
  • Versatile dividers allow for flexible shelf widths
  • Ideal for the self-service sector