Shelving using SCHULTE's plug-in system: modular, flexible, innovative

Plug-in shelving is ideal for placing and removing items by hand. Thanks to its plug-in connection, the shelves are quick and easy to assemble and also offer a higher maximum load capacity than shelves with a bolted connection. They can be installed for single and double shelving as well as for multi-storey shelving systems and have a special system perforation that makes changing accessories easy. As a result, plug-in shelving provides efficient and flexible storage solutions for the widest possible range of items and storage types.

Efficient utilization of storage capacity

The perforations in the MULTIplus T-profiles in the SCHULTE plug-in system are arranged in a 25 mm grid. In combination with the MULTIplus85 and MULTIplus150 shelves, which also feature an edge height of 25 mm, this enables unique flexibility when it comes to adjusting the height and utilising the storage capacity.

The compatibility of the grid and shelves makes it possible to optimally adapt them to suit the items to be stored, thus enabling the greatest possible utilisation of the space.

MULTIplus shelves with variable edge heights of 25 and 40 mm

The shelves from SCHULTE Lagertechnik are available with edge heights of 25 mm and 40 mm. The load capacity of the Multiplus shelves can be immediately identified by the stamped mark at the front edge.

With their 25 mm edge height in combination with our T-profile 25 mm grid, our MULTIplus85 and MULTIplus150 shelves offer you optimal utilisation of the storage area.

Variable widths and depths for optimal adjustability

The SCHULTE Lagertechnik shelves are available in four different widths and a wide range of depths. This enables optimal adaption to the existing storage area and the stored goods.

Variable shelf load capacity for all types of items

SCHULTE Lagertechnik offers four different types of shelf to suit the most diverse requirements on the load capacity of the shelf. The MULTIplus shelves, MULTIplus85, MULTIplus150, MULTIplus250 and MULTIplus330, can achieve shelf loads of 85 kg to 330 kg. The option of using bearers makes it possible to increase the load capacity of the shelves up to 410 kg. Retrofitting is possible at any time.


  • Time saved thanks to quick and easy assembly, flexible conversion possible at any time
  • Best-possible use of the storage space with 25 mm height increments and variable edge heights for 25 and 40 mm MULTIplus shelves
  • Can be perfectly adjusted to the storage space available thanks to variable widths and depths
  • Optimum adaptation to the stocked items thanks to variable shelf loads of 70, 150, 250 or 330 kg (BASIC70 and MULTIplus shelves)
  • Overloading prevented thanks to clear load engraving on the MULTIplus shelves

Product features

  • Placing and removing items by hand
  • Quick and easy to assemble, flexible conversion possible
  • Modular shelving adaptation thanks to extensive range of system accessories
  • Single or double-sided use
  • Suitable for erecting double shelving and multi-storey shelving systems
  • Highly flexible and easy to change accessories thanks to MULTIplus system perforation
  • The load capacity of the MULTIplus shelves can be determined immediately from the engraving in the front edges. Prevents overloading.

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Single-sided use

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