Automotive parts storage
Special shelving for optimum automotive parts storage with the SCHULTE plug-in system

Automotive parts are highly varied. So too are our special shelving and installation kits for automotive parts storage. Whether bulky or fragile, packaged or loose, with the special automotive shelving from SCHULTE Lagertechnik, your automotive parts will find a home that is also in line with ISO standards. Integrating installation kits into the SCHULTE plug-in system offers you a high level of flexibility in your warehouse.


Product features

  • Universal use for storage of standing and hanging items
  • Optimised beams protect tyres
  • Shelving for storing small, medium-sized and large parts
  • All automotive shelving have perforations at 25 mm increments for adjusting the height
  • Can be combined with the entire plug-in system
  • Extensive accessories
  • Special automotive shelving sets
  • Construction of multi-storey shelving systems possible
  • Individual adaptation to different wheel, tyre and rim sizes
  • Stories can be added to the uprights at any time
  • ISO-compliant storage of automotive parts


  • Cost-effective and careful storage of automotive parts
  • High level of flexibility in your warehouse set-up by integrating various universal kits into the plug-in system from SCHULTE Lagertechnik
  • Subsequent expansion possible at any time
  • Provides the optimum conditions for the ISO certification of your company
  • Easy to erect by simply plugging in the levels

Application examples

  • Garages, industrial and trade warehouses