Kanban and sloping shelving
Plug-in sloping shelving for first-in first-out storage

Kanban and sloping shelving from SCHULTE Lagertechnik are the proven classic solutions for the provision of goods using the first-in first-out method. The items being stocked slide into position along the sloping, galvanised shelves, ready to be picked. With the MULTIplus150 shelves, our Kanban and sloping shelving are the perfect combination of load and storage capacity.


Product features

  • Sloping levels with MULTIplus150 shelves
  • Shelf load up to 200 kg per level (XL sloping shelving)
  • Height of levels can be adjusted in increments of 25 mm
  • Bracing with face beam
  • Double shelving sloping in the same or different directions on request
  • Optionally with dividers and side guides


Your benefits

  • Ideal for first-in first-out warehouses, as items can slide along the smooth, galvanised shelves
  • Direct view and easy access thanks to sloped shelves
  • Front face beam raised by 15 mm to prevent items from falling out
  • Easy to erect by simply plugging in the levels


Fields of application

  • Storage of plastic containers, picking bins, boxes and much more
  • First-in first-out warehouses