Supply shelving with roller tracks
Plug-in supply shelving with roller tracks for storing containers and boxes

Supply shelving using SCHULTE's plug-in system is a professional solution for your warehouse logistics. Fitting the shelving with roller tracks allows containers and boxes to glide into their removal position with ease. This also helps when using the shelving from both sides for the first-in first-out storage method. Thanks to the plug-in system, the supply shelving can be assembled and adapted quickly and easily.



Product features

  • 4 levels, each consisting of 2 crossbars and 9 roller tracks
  • Shelf load max. 180 kg per level
  • Side elements mark the end of the levels
  • Height of levels can be adjusted in increments of 25 mm
  • Bracing with crossbars
  • Guide rail optionally available as a divider
  • T-profile upright with 4 side elements in RAL 5010 gentian blue, galvanised crossbars and roller tracks


Your benefits

  • Ideal for first-in first-out warehouses, as items slide along the roller tracks
  • Direct view and easy access thanks to sloped levels
  • Easy to erect by simply plugging in the levels


Fields of application

  • Storage of plastic containers, picking bins, shelf boxes and much more
  • First-in first-out warehouses