Shelving systems and mezzanine systems create space in rooms

Shelving systems and mezzanine systems from SCHULTE Lagertechnik convert every centimetre of your warehouse into storage space by reaching new heights. Because you can only make optimum use of your space when you direct your gaze away from the ground and tap into the potential of your premises. On request, our shelving systems and mezzanine systems can reach right up to the ceiling, multiplying your storage space. In order to meet all your storage needs, our portfolio includes shelving systems and mezzanine systems in three different variants.

Strong, versatile, flexible

Use every centimetre of your warehouse with shelving systems and mezzanine systems from SCHULTE Lagertechnik. They enable optimal use of the entire height of your warehouse by multiplying the storage area and thus offer an economical solution for optimal and economical space utilisation on different levels.

Whether as a shelving system, a mezzanine system or a steel mezzanine system – we are happy to advise you and find the right solution to allow you to make optimal use of your space.

Multi-storey shelving systems

  • Plug-in system and steel elements
  • All the benefits of the SCHULTE Lagertechnik plug-in system at your disposal
  • Storage capacity made simple
  • Affordable solution for optimum and cost-effective room use across various levels

Mezzanine systems

  • Modular system components
  • The ideal and cost-effective solution for integrating into existing spaces
  • More space – reduced premises costs
  • Pillars optimised to provide even more free space
  • Can be completely disassembled and reused, allowing components to be adapted to new circumstances

Steel mezzanines

  • Made from custom-produced steel profiles
  • Low floor thickness even when handling high loads
  • A steel mezzanine creates valuable extra space
  • Optimum use of the room height by expanding the storage space (floor space)

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Multi-storey shelving systems

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