W 100 wide-span shelving
For shelf loads up to 1015 kg

The W 100 is the most stable wide-span shelving we offer. With a shelf load of up to 1015 kg and a maximum bay load of 3800 kg, it is ideal for manually storing your heavy items. Only pallet racking has a higher load capacity than this wide-span shelving. Depending on the shelf load you require, two different beam types are available for W 100 wide-span shelving.


Product features

  • Placing and removing items by hand from both sides
  • Maximum shelf load: 1015 kg
  • Maximum bay load: 3800 kg
  • Maximum bay width: 2500 mm
  • Storage of items either on steel panels or 25 mm chipboard
  • Two beam types available:
    CO beam: max. shelf load 538 kg
    Z beam: max. shelf load 1015 kg
  • Height of levels can be adjusted in increments of 25 mm
  • Optimum adaptation to spatial conditions and the items being stocked with 3 shelf widths and 3 shelf heights
  • Robust truss framework


Your benefits

  • Easy to adapt to the items being stored by simply plugging in the beams
  • Safe storage of very heavy, bulky and voluminous items
  • Time saved thanks to short picking sequences as a result of double-sided use


Fields of application

  • Manual storage of heavy items
  • Long, bulky and voluminous items