WS 2000 wide-span shelving
For shelf loads up to 400 kg

The WS 2000 wide-span shelving is designed for long items and to handle large widths. Construction heights of up to 7.5 metres can be achieved. The fact that it can be combined with the SCHULTE plug-in system and available accessories makes the WS 2000 an ingenious shelving system for a range of applications.


Product features

  • Placing and removing items by hand from both sides
  • Maximum shelf load: 400 kg
  • Maximum bay width: 2500 mm
  • Construction heights of up to 7.5 m can be achieved
  • Storage either on steel shelf levels, 19 mm chipboard or in wire baskets
  • Height of levels can be adjusted in increments of 25 mm
  • Individual adaptation to spatial conditions and the items being stocked with 4 shelf widths
  • Large storage volume in a small space
  • Galvanised


Your benefits

  • Easy to erect by simply plugging in the beams
  • Time saved thanks to short picking sequences as a result of double-sided use
  • Easy to store bulky and voluminous items


Fields of application

  • Long, bulky and voluminous items
  • Integration in plug-in shelving