Automotive parts warehouses: storing wheels and tyres on a grand scale
Tyre hotel with optimum storage and easy access

With a central tyre hotel, car dealership Stegelmann wished to offer its customers an optimum all-inclusive service. Yet key to this was getting maximum use out of its storage space and ensuring the professional storage of the tyres. With 400 tyre racks from SCHULTE Lagertechnik, the project was brought to a complete success.


  • Fitting a newly built warehouse with a two-storey tyre racking system

Work completed

  • Consultation, planning, supply and assembly

Project details

  • Approx. 400 tyre racks for the professional storage of around 5000 sets of tyres in various dimensions
  • Racks ranging from 1050 to 1200 mm wide and 5200 high with 150 kg tyre supports
  • Integrated lifting unit to safely transport the tyres to the upper level

Special features

  • Careful storage thanks to special tyre supports


  • Efficient management of high workload during seasonal peak times

The challenge: professional tyre storage up to the ceiling


Tyres need to be stored professionally in a cool, dark and dry place. For economic reasons, efficient use of the space and ease of handling in particular are required. With the help of SCHULTE Lagertechnik, car dealership Stegelmann GmbH & Co. KG in Detmold has fulfilled these criteria and set up a central tyre store for its four branches in Lage, Detmold, Lemgo and Bad Salzuflen.

In doing so, the owner-operated automotive dealership and the world's sixth-oldest Volkswagen dealer has succeeded in housing 5000 sets of wheels/tyres in a space 5.5 metres high, 50 metres long and 18.8 metres wide. From a practical and economic viewpoint, the seasonal, twice-yearly business can now be conducted with optimum efficiency.

The solution: tyre racking system for all variants across two storeys


The system is built on two storeys in order to make use of the room height. Both levels are 2.7 metres high, meaning that all of the tyres are within easy reach. Three four-row racks form the core of the system. With two two-row racks and one one-row rack against the hall wall, the system makes optimum use of the hall's width. The racks can be used from both sides. In the four-row racks, the sets are stored in pairs one behind the other, and in the two-row racks they are in sets placed next to each other. Space measuring 80 cm is available in the aisles when the racks are full. This is enough to transport the tyres on trolleys. Aisles crossing between the racks ensure short routes and several sets of tyres can be transported to the upper storey via stairs and a lifting unit.

A plug-in system specially for flexible tyre storage


The warehouse comprises a plug-in system providing a highly flexible solution specially for tyre storage. Four different rack widths cover every tyre size and provide a high degree of versatility. The heights can be adjusted in increments of 25 mm while the system is in use. The rack levels can withstand loads up to 150 kg, allowing tyres to be stored along with their rims. One particular benefit of the system is the fact that the shape of the beams that take the weight for six months are adapted to their cargo, helping to protect the tyres.

Good warehouse planning is a prerequisite for ensuring lasting success when it comes to the tyre service business – the Stegelmann car dealership in the German district of Lippe has built a central tyre hotel for its four branches that uses careful planning to meet all its customers' requirements, both now and in the future.

Massimo Fiore, General Manager of service and parts service:

"As the tyre business is a seasonal business where the stock is moved just twice a year, we have made sure that this can be handled by our existing workforce. Every set of tyres therefore needs to be easily accessible. With this in mind, it makes sense to use the surface area rather than to build up high. Investment in complex lifting gear or forklifts is then not required."