Möbellager: flexibler Stauraum vom Schuhregal bis zum Sofa
Möbeldiscounter bekommt neues Lager

Möbelhäuser brauchen Lager mit hoher Tragfähigkeit, kurzen Wegen und hoher Flexibilität. Für einen Möbeldiscounter in Bochum haben Lagerplanung und Palettenregale von SCHULTE Lagertechnik diesen Anspruch realisiert.

The challenge: a rapidly changing range of heavy items


As part of the further expansion of a furniture store, SCHULTE Lagertechnik planned and implemented its new furniture warehouse in Bochum. Here, particular importance had been placed on providing perfect logistics processes and optimum handling of a frequently changing range of particularly heavy and bulky items.

The solution: pallet racking system with minimal picking sequences and effective use of capacity


In order to avoid long waiting times at the goods collection point, SCHULTE Lagertechnik devised an extremely flexible solution concept involving pallet racking. As a result, picking sequences in the new warehouse were optimised and reduced, and storage capacities used as effectively as possible.

In particular, the various sizes of the products being stocked, which arise from the different pieces of furniture (ranging from shoe racks and sofas right up to kitchen fittings) and stock turnover, had to be considered with this concept. This was achieved primarily with the aid of different shelf depths and adjustable shelf heights.

Safety in the warehouse was also a high priority when it came to planning the project. Due to high picking speeds, there is always the risk of driving into the racks. Special protector rails on the front of the racking now provide safety and protection. The racking also offers optimum and flexible adaptation to new requirements at any time in the future. Particularly in the market segment in which the furniture discounter operates, the product ranges are constantly being adapted to the requirements of end users, and at very short notice, making a high level of flexibility a key requirement.


  • Construction of a new warehouse to store furniture transport trolleys and EUR-pallets

Work completed

  • Consultation, planning, supply and assembly

Project details

  • Pallet racking to a height of 6500 mm
  • Approx. 2400 EUR-pallet spaces
  • Approx. 1800 transport trolley spaces

Special features

  • Various shelf depths and adjustable shelf heights for a frequently changing range


  • Maintenance of the high picking speed even after taking in new items