Industrial warehouses: triple the stock
More storage space over the same area

Tripling the storage space with the same floor space, is that possible? It certainly is with a multi-storey plug-in shelving system. To provide increased warehouse efficiency, our storage technology experts planned a new central warehouse. Perfect logistics processes are what enable Gämmerler GmbH to achieve high levels of service in over 30 countries. Gämmerler is a global leader of components and complete systems for the print processing industry.

The challenge: increased warehouse efficiency and immediate availability of spare parts.

In the future, every component and spare part in the warehouse at Gämmerler GmbH will be easily accessible and quickly available. And the company will be making full use of its available storage space. With more than 12,500 storage boxes in four different dimensions, this was a real challenge. Considerable variations in the size and weight of the spare parts also resulted in high requirements with respect to the flexibility of the system.


With a shelving system using the MULTIplus plug-in system, we tripled the available storage volume over the same area. The first step in creating the new warehouse involved our logistics experts and specialist trade partners on site conducting an analysis of all the logistics processes at Gämmerler GmbH. A three-storey shelving system using the MULTIplus plug-in system was the solution. The flexible plug-in system was able to meet all the company's logistics requirements.

Around 3000 MULTIplus150 shelves with a load capacity of 150 kg make this possible. The fact that the edge of the MULTIplus shelf is only 25 mm means that up to 30% more shelves can be included per bay – a considerable increase in capacity.

For the heavyweight items, we fitted MULTIplus250 system shelves with a load capacity of 250 kg on the bottom levels. The items are prevented from falling out at the sides by solid metal frames attached to the front of the shelving. They also provide the system with a visual finish and ensure that the warehouse always looks tidy.

The final result was a warehouse that makes optimum use of its space. The items can be handled quickly and safely – and there was also space for stairs, picking and a transfer area. All of this ensures that every component and spare part is quickly sent on its way to the customer.


  • Increased efficiency in the central warehouse

Work completed

  • Consultation, planning, supply and assembly

Project details

  • Three-storey plug-in shelving system 6500 mm in height
  • Approx. 3100 MULTIplus150 shelves
  • Approx. 400 MULTIplus250 shelves

Special features

  • Up to 19 MULTIplus150 shelves per bay (30% increase in capacity)
  • Screen and fall-out protection thanks to solid metal frames on the front of the shelving.


  • Storage volume tripled over the same floor space
  • Safe accommodation of 12,500 storage boxes of varying sizes
Verdreifachung der Lagerfläche durch Regalanlage im MULTIplus Stecksystem.
Vollblechrahmen verhindern das Herausfallen der Ware.
Schnelle Kommissionierung auf allen Ebenen durch das kompakte MULTIPLUS Stecksystem.
Eine flexible Anpassung an das Lagergut ermöglichen integrierte Weitspannregale.