Offices and archives: studying and archiving in a classically modern environment
Optimum use of space thanks to customisation

EBS Business School offers its students more than just facts. In the campus' historical Bauhaus palace, they study in a special environment. With it's custom-produced bolted office shelving system from SCHULTE Lagertechnik, the newly designed library blends in perfectly with these surroundings.

The challenge: to make full use of the space in line with design specifications


At EBS Business School, a private higher education institution in the German town of Oestrich-Winkel, around 1200 students are working towards their degrees in business studies. And from both an academic and architectural perspective, these scholars in the Rheingau region are really offered something special. The historic campus is spread across a castle, a fortress and a palace.

Redesigning the library therefore presented a particular challenge: as well as accommodating over 35,000 items, a functional shelving system also had to reflect the architectural character of the Bauhaus palace. A perfect assignment for SCHULTE Lagertechnik.

The solution: custom-produced bolted office shelving with visual accents


In order to incorporate the shelving into the room concept with a sloping ceiling, SCHULTE Lagertechnik installed single and double racks containing over 2000 shelves (MULTIplus85 and MULTIplus150) using the bolted system.

Two tricks created a visual highlight: the shelves are black powder-coated, visually emphasising the galvanised hexagon bolts and lending a Bauhaus style to the shelves. As a result, all the requirements for storing monographs, PhD theses, handbooks, scripts and working papers are met in a classically modern environment. The shelves have stop bars or central stoppers to hold the books in position. In addition, a custom bookend design makes it easier to handle the literature.


  • Archiving the books from the library collection, in keeping with the Bauhaus style of the building

Work completed

  • Consultation, planning, supply and assembly

Project details

  • Bolted office shelving system
  • Single and double racks with stop bars, central stoppers and bookends
  • Approx. 2000 BASIC70 and MULTIplus150 shelves

Special features

  • Adaptation of the office shelving to the pre-existing building style in a black custom colour in combination with galvanised hexagon bolts
  • Right from the planning stage, the shelf dimensions were taken into account to enable them to fit perfectly in free-standing structural elements.


  • Optimum storage capacity and harmonious incorporation of the shelves into the architecture of the building