Sales warehouse: storage space as varied as customer requirements
Self-service wholesale warehouses for industrial requirements

In order to meet the requirements of the company's trade customers even more effectively, at Eisen-Fischer, SCHULTE Lagertechnik created an individual storage system for its Crailsheim site. The solution brings together the requirements for both storage and sales in an appealing shopping experience for tradespeople.

The challenge: to provide flexible storage for 8000 items so that they are in easy reach for selection


New building, new possibilities – these were what Eisen-Fischer wished to explore when they moved into their new premises in Crailsheim. Covering an area of 1200 square metres, a collection centre for tradespeople was to be constructed to stock 8000 items that would be available at all times.

Against the backdrop of constantly changing availability and demand, Eisen-Fischer required a warehouse that enabled space to be used efficiently and a wide variety of items to be stocked. What's more, the shelving system was not be built to a great height, as in a self-service warehouses, all the items have to be stocked within easy reach of the customer. After an extensive search for a partner, Eisen-Fischer opted for SCHULTE Lagertechnik and a custom-produced storage system.

The solution: custom design with shelving, small parts management and more besides


SCHULTE Lagertechnik created a warehouse combining shelving, pallet racking and cantilever racking. System accessories are used to adapt the shelving to the items being stocked. For example, small products from the sanitary range are stocked in fine and coarse-meshed wire baskets. The space-saving integration of the original wide-span shelving baskets into the shelving improves the use of space in the warehouse. This system serves as a stockroom and a showroom at the same time.

To create a uniform, attractive appearance, the shelving system was produced in Eisen-Fischer's corporate colours. The till and advice areas also fit in perfectly with this storage design. They were also devised by SCHULTE Lagertechnik and custom-produced in Sundern.


  • Efficient use of space on one level
  • Highly level of flexibility

Work completed

  • Consultation, planning, supply and assembly

Project details

  • Shelving system with plug-in shelving, pallet racking and cantilever racking
  • Organisation system: flexible dividers in mesh baskets
  • Approx. 2500 MULTIplus150 shelves

Special features

  • Custom-planned integrated counter area
  • Adaptation of wide-span shelving baskets to shelving
  • CI concept in the white and blue corporate colours


  • Stocking of 8000 items within easy reach
  • Integrated counter area as POS