Warehouse assembly by experts for experts

Consultation and planning get your warehouse down on paper. The assembly department brings it to your hall. Our fitters ensure that when it comes to the final stages of implementing your carefully planned warehouse, everything runs quickly and smoothly. They know the storage systems inside out and exactly how to assemble them correctly. This provides you with the certainty that your storage project will be completed successfully.

Increased safety and efficiency thanks to professional assembly


Safety is also key in your warehouse. The people who handle your items have to be protected against accidents. And it's also important to protect your valuable stock from damage. Professional warehouse assembly is the most important prerequisite for a safe warehouse. Our experts ensure that your storage spaces are ready for use as quickly as possible and fulfil all safety criteria.

With assembly services from SCHULTE Lagertechnik, you therefore save on human resources, increase the safety of your warehouse and meet the conditions of your insurance policy.

  • You save on human resources for assembly work.
  • You can use your warehouse quickly and safely.
  • You can be sure that your storage technology is correctly assembled.
  • You prevent damage caused by assembly faults and meet your insurance obligations.