Shelving inspection – safety is an absolute must

In areas where various work processes interact with each other, people are working and fragile items are being conveyed, safety is the top priority. With a shelving inspection from our certified experts, you can ensure preventive safety in your warehouse and meet the requirements of EN 15635.

Expert inspection in line with specifications


Day in day out, your storage technology has to withstand loads that sooner or later will put even the strongest industrial shelving under strain. With this in mind, compulsory standards such as EN 15635 prescribe an annual inspection of storage equipment by expert personnel. With a shelving inspection by SCHULTE Lagertechnik, you can put your trust in a partner for whom storage is its core competency.

Take preventive action, reduce risks


As part of the shelving inspection, our certified shelving inspectors examine your warehouse with the critical gaze of highly experienced shelving experts. Damage to any of the equipment is identified at an early stage or can even be prevented from occuring at all. As a result, you can avoid unnecessary investment and repairs.

  • You increase safety with regular inspection of the storage equipment in accordance with EN 15635.
  • You reduce costs thanks to preventive measures.
  • Your meet the terms of your insurance policy in the event of damage.
  • Thanks to the detailed reports, you receive clear information on damage and hazards, enabling you to take measures directly.

The DIN-standard-compliant inspection stipulates two types of examination, with which our certified shelving inspectors can assist you:

1. Visual checks

  • Conducted by your company's safety officer or external partners
  • Generally once a week; in special cases, the inspection intervals are defined in corresponding risk analyses
  • Formal written report

2. Expert inspections

  • Systematic inspection of all shelving
  • At least every 12 months
  • Conducted by specially trained, external experts, e.g. trained shelving inspectors
  • Any damage reported immediately
  • Causes determined if damage occurs repeatedly
  • Implementation of a damage control procedure
  • Detailed documentation with guidance and suggestions

We would be delighted to conduct a shelving inspection of your warehouse in line with the applicable regulations. Simply use this contact form or give us a call.

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