Warehouse check – increase the degree of utilisation of your warehouse by up to 30%

Are you making optimum use of your storage capacity and space? With our warehouse check, you can find out. In a detailed analysis, we put all the key storage aspects under the microscope and reveal any potential for optimisation. You can then increase the degree of utilisation of your warehouse by up to 30%!

The challenge: historic warehouse, modern requirements


In many companies, the warehouse represents a huge block of costs. As most have been built up over time, their set-up often does not meet the requirements of modern storage technology. Space and capacity are not used to their full potential and products cannot be found quickly enough. This all results in high costs and delayed processes.

The warehouse check: analyse, identify, benefit


With the warehouse check, our specially trained logistics experts really put your storage facilities through their paces. They investigate if your warehouse is organised efficiently, makes effective use of its capacity and is up to date with the latest technology. Storage technology, picking and human resources are also taken into account, as are the items you stock.

Potential weaknesses are methodically identified, for example over-sized storage spaces or obsolete logistics concepts that do not work for the items you now stock. Using this information, you can optimise the degree of utilisation of your warehouse and enhance its cost-effectiveness. When it comes to reducing costs and increasing efficiency, there is huge potential in virtually every warehouse.

What we check for you

  • Buildings
  • Usable floor space
  • Usable height

Organisation of picking/data processing

  • Type of picking
  • Number of areas
  • Tidiness and performance
  • Inspection

Organisation of human resources

  • Number of employees
  • Level of training in the different areas
  • Shift utilisation

Shelving systems

  • Type of shelving systems
  • Number of holding/storage spaces
  • Suitability of the equipment for the items
  • Degree of utilisation of the shelving
  • Utilisation of load capacity
  • Set-up for conveying and transport equipment

Items, loading aids and loading units

  • Composition of the items
  • Proper storage of the items
  • Allocation to loading aids and shelving types
  • Selection of loading aids
  • Suitability of loading aids
  • You obtain a comprehensive overview of your current storage situation.
  • You identify potential for savings and additional capacities.
  • You increase the degree of utilisation of your warehouse by up to 30%.
  • You receive an independent assessment of your storage situation.
  • You find out how you could use your storage space more efficiently.
  • You receive specific information on how you could use your employees even more efficiently.
  • You increase the degree of utilisation of your warehouse and reduce storage charges.


Michaela Hüsch

Export Manager

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